Monday, October 17, 2011

music [video] monday.

i love music. it kicks off my morning and lays me to bed at night, while carrying me through the day. nothing triggers an emotion in me more than a simple tune.

call it a cult following, if you will. i can't get enough of the manhattan based band, cults. currently opening for foster the people, the hipster duo have gotten great reviews. their music is a little infectious.

there's a special place in my heart for red hot chili peppers. i think it's the same place where my california memories live. the video for the adventures of rain dance maggie makes me smile. oh venice boardwalk, here's to your rad existence.

a little singer/ songwriter tune for you, here's an oldie from rise against.

this next guy is not paul rudd's brother, although he sounds a lot like paul simon. i especially like the comment by casseygebban... "he's a magical australian gnome with fucking glorious songs." i couldn't have said it better.

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