Friday, September 30, 2011

happy birthday dad.

it was my father's birthday yesterday (happy birthday dad) and what better way to celebrate than friday night in the city. my family is very artsy and hip. as you know we're all involved in the design industry so we like to explore restaurants with fantastic decor. food obviously is an important factor, but a fabulously designed atmosphere definitely heightens our ratings. if a friend raves about a restaurant, i always ask about the decor before recommending it to my family. bacaro was the restaurant of choice, located on division street on the lower east side. he had been there once before and describes it as a small, busy hipster restaurant. this doesn't sound very different from other places on the lower east side, but i did a bit of research and it looks awesome.

peasant chef/ owner, franco decarlo, opened this restaurant with exposed brick & stone, wooden rafters, and salvaged barn wood tables, creating little romantic nooks lit only by candles and few elegant chandeliers. it has sort of a speakeasy, tuscan vibe. describes bacaro like so..."if bruce wayne were italian and opened a restaurant in rural tuscany, bacaro might be what it would look like."

noah sheldon.

noah sheldon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my window is a book.

my window is a book
and i'm a f&@$ing crook
-tyler the creator

ever since i was a kid i loved seeing window displays. my parents used to bring my sister and i into the city during holiday season so we could view the creative windows of barneys and saks and bergdorfs. the more imaginative, the better. i mean, it's the narration to a story. it's an invitation to the customers. my window is my book. so as we get deeper into the fall season, it's about time i take down my summer window display for just 4 the home and create one for the season of fall. i'm not quite sure what route i'm going to take. i can go for the wow factor in color or pattern or simplicity. but i definitely want to achieve the season of fall. with windows, and displays altogether, i like to be inspired. here's a little taste of that inspiration.

fantastic idea.

they use shape and color for a wow factor.

they use chopped wood circles as a "fallbackground.

very creative way to show end of summer sale.

furniture store in paris. how does somebody walk past this without stopping?
not quite fall, but still inspiring.
tia lombardi photo.

color and pattern pop. 
i also like the way "curtains" frame the window, as if we're looking beyond something.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wax tailor.

wax tailor is the alias of french trip hop/ hip hop producer, jean-christophe le saout. not quite sure how i discovered his music, but ever since i did, i've been hooked. a brand new sound that's like a re-invention of music. his sound is immediately identifiable as his own. and his grooves alone make me want to hang out with him. it's his ability and artistry that exudes coolness in a unique, off the beaten path way.

the videos for wax tailor are also unique. like mini art installations. original and groundbreaking styles with an old school retro vibe.

Monday, September 26, 2011

and the sky is gray.

all the leaves are brown
and the sky is gray
-mamas and the papas

dark gray is such a rich color. paint your walls in a dark shade of gray and it changes your room. it's a very popular color, or rather shade of color. it adds a bit of an edge and makes the other tones in your room pop, especially those neons and lacquers that are everywhere.

decor pad.

emily clark.

elle decor.

richard powers.

abigail ahern.

timber and lace.

Friday, September 23, 2011

cold hearted snake.

he's a cold hearted snake
look into his eyes
oh ohhh
he's been telling lies
-paula abdul

it all began with adam and eve. or say they say. but what did begin with adam and eve is the introduction of the evil serpent. the slimy, slithering creature who lures eve into its manipulative ways. snakes have always gotten a bad rap. always associated with sneaky, creepy, cold, evil, and just plain gross. don't get me wrong, i'm not pro snake whatsoever. in fact, for lack of a better term, they give me the heeby jeebies. i'll run like hell if i ever see one. with that being said, i'm not quite sure how i feel about snakes or snakeskin in an interior space. what are your thoughts?

tamara mellon, founder of jimmy choo.
harper's bazaar.

elle decor.

snakeskin vinyl wall covering.
brett design.

vanity vessel.
hit decors.

bar stool.


snakeskin console and benches.

kim seybert.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

branch out.

i saw she was living under some branches
i saw she was happy in her circumstances

as seasons change, trees lose their leaves and the bare branches "leave" us with a desire for our comfy cable knit sweaters and a hot cup of cocoa. and that's my ode to fall. however, branches can have the opposite effect on an interior space. those bare branches can fill up a room with a bit of style.

trevor tondro.

womack interiors.





vinyl wall decal.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011


when i ran on the hilltop following a pack of wild geese
someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody
when i paint my masterpiece
-bob dylan

beginning today, new york's gagosian gallery will exhibit artwork by bob dylan. marking his first nyc show, the exhibit, titled 'the asia series' will run til october 22. paintings and drawings by the singer/ songwriter will surely bring in an audience. but will critics be harsher on the icon or more lenient as dylan can do no wrong?

smk photo.

mumford, dylan, and avett brothers together. this was one of my favorite grammy performances ever. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

and a lazy susan.

and a lazy susan
so i can watch my tv

i love accessories by lazy susan. they have some really fun and innovative pieces. each piece is designed to be unique, yet classic enough to fit in any, or most rooms. frames, vases, baskets, candle holders, fillers, lamps, trays, you name it. their team of creatives travel the world looking for new materials and inspirations. a few months ago i was lucky enough to go to their pop up showroom and shop the new collection for just 4 the home. well, the shipment has arrived. and 9 boxes later, i'm grateful i didn't go for that manicure last night.