Thursday, September 15, 2011

meet me in the bathroom.

meet me in the bathroom
that's what she said
i don't mind, it's true
-the strokes

ladies, and probably a lot of men these days, love getting ready and beautifying themselves. you know, taking their time to apply the right cremes and makeup, perfect how their hair lies, or choose the appropriate scent for that day's adventures. like most people, i spend my mornings before work with a large cup of coffee hanging out in my bathroom. the same goes for the evenings before i go out... except i trade my coffee mug for a glass of wine. bathrooms have become a common place to hang out, a spa like escape. currently, i'm loving the clean crisp bathroom with the unexpected hit of rustic. it's probably not surprising, seeing as though most interior spaces i go gaga for have that same feeling of clean with a touch of old. modern meets rustic.

red online.

red online.

red online.


jenna lyons.

kay douglass.

anita kaushal.

munger interiors.

diy diva.

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