Tuesday, February 28, 2012

genie in a bottle.

a vase full of the freshest flowers is the perfect accent on a table or a nightstand. it adds a little life and a little color in an effortless fashion. 

bottino vases by agnes fries.

bottle vases by leif.

elle decor.

missoni hotel. 
[see previous post on missoni hotels]

elle decor.



pb teen.

unformed by kei izumi.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Visual inspiration to get your monday going.

melted crayons.

foto food.

house beautiful.

photographer peter lippmann.

stock photo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

where in the world...

has peri been? i've been asking myself this same question. unfortunately, i haven't been anywhere too exciting or exotic to report about. in fact, i must admit that i've been i've been cheating on my interior design world with my graphic design lover. it's true. while i'm not working on interior spaces, i've been spending hours upon hours in classes, spending late nights with adobe photoshop, in design, & illustrator. but enough about me, let's talk about maps. [nice transition] if you're a world traveler or just an admirer of cartography, maps are a nice way to decorate your walls. there are numerous ways you can frame, hang, or place a map. you can even make it into a triptych or cut it into more sections. you can make it colorful, or sepia tone.

elle decor.

erin gates, mrs. french.



southern enterprises.

ell decor.

suzanne kasler.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

fireside chat.

hang up your chairs to better sweep
clear the floor to dance
sweep the floor into the fireplace

love is in the air today. what are your plans? a romantic dinner? an evening getaway? or maybe just a night cozied up next to the fireplace.


the lakefield.

designed by eric cohler.




designed by suzanne kasler.

vauni fireplaces.

Friday, February 10, 2012

on your mark. get set.

go! last week, 4,979 people par took in the world's largest dodgeball game at the university of alberta. i can barely organize a night of bowling with 10 girlfriends, let alone a dodgeball game of this size. 

gateway photography.

nothing says i love you like...

you guessed it. chocolate. the sinful indulgence that no woman can resist. it's also that added pound on the scale the next morning. so why not improvise this valentine's day and forego that box of chocolates. instead, buy your loved one a different take on chocolate.

woven leather picture frame
$101 at just 4 the home

faux crocco leather frame
$95 at just 4 the home

faux pony frame
$84 at just 4 the home

faux ostrich floor lamp by mary mcdonald

set of 3 nesting tables with embossed leather tops & nailhead detail

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a warm song for this cold day.

i don't like walking around this cold and empty house
-monsters and men

a little bit arcade fire, a little bit edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, here's the icelandic band, of monsters and men performing little talks.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

happy birthday to a mom who...

happy birthday to a mom who looks so young, she is constantly asked if she's my sister.
happy birthday to a mom who gave her daughters their creativity and imagination.
happy birthday to a mom who is always there, even when you don't ask her to be.
happy birthday to a mom with such style and grace, it's as if she was audrey hepburn or natalie wood in a former life. (even though that would defy time and space)
happy birthday to a mom who only knows how to give.
happy birthday to a mom who is so special, even though she may go under appreciated at times.
happy birthday to a mom who is convinced she would be the ultimate survivor on the show 'survivior.'
happy birthday to a mom who makes a bed unlike anyone else i've ever encountered.
happy birthday to a mom who loves shakira and pitbull more than the entire latin community.
and most importantly...

happy birthday to a mom who, not only knows how to play beer pong, but has beat her daughter in the game, while holding a glass of wine in the other hand.

[she'll kill me for posting this]

happy birthday mommy!

black cat. nine lives.

black cat, nine lives, short days, long nights
living on the edge, not afraid to die
-janet, ms. jackson if you're nasty

for those of you who don't know me, i am obsessed with accessories. i always felt that it's the odds and ends that make an outfit... and i find that to be true with interior spaces too. make the foundation rich & classic and add your pop with the accessories. you can change a dress with a necklace and you can change a sofa with pillows and a throw.

with that being said, i am a glasses girl. ever since i was little, i've always had a pretty deep collection of both sunglasses and regular glasses. i love vintage retro pieces, expensive eyewear, and cheap $10 sunnies. so right now i am digging the cat eyewear frame. a throwback to 50s fashionistas, or even an homage to the days of Cleopatra's sultry & ornate eye makeup.

one of my favorite blogs is garance dore. it was actually the first blog i began following many many many years ago, even before blogrolls ever existed. i'm sure you're delighted to hear all this, but what does this have to do with my obsession for accessories? well, she posted this image today and i immediately zoomed in on the eyewear. and with that, i went on a little internet adventure for vintage cat eyewear.

garance dore.

marie claire.
jeffery westbrook studio. 

designed by schiaparelli.





Thursday, February 2, 2012

wood you be mine?

cause you could be mine
but you're way out of line
-guns n' roses

pop up shops are a great trend right now. it's actually very simple. retail owners open up short term stores, while customers flock to the spaces so they can scoop up the products before the store disappears. this idea first developed in los angeles in 1999, but has since flourished as people look for short term real estate in this economy.

this friday, event designer david stark will open a pop up shop, called wood shop, inside his friend's nolita store, haus interior. with valentine's day around the corner and it being the month of love, the pop up shop's concept focuses on all things love, in the form of wood and all things related to wood shops. very clever idea and i don't doubt that it will deliver.