Friday, January 27, 2012

the creative process.

i've always worked in industries that breed creatives - television, music, branding, interior design. and now i'm exploring graphic & visual design. creative people are the most interesting people in the world [next to the dos equis guy]. they're quirky, cool, taste making intellects, bursting with flavor filled ideas. oneighty creative, a design studio based in london town, created a series called "unveiling the process." fantastic photograph by adrian ray. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

loft living.

check out this barcelona loft (via 1 kind design) that i'm digging right now. a bit industrial, a tad contemporary, a little vintage, using only grays, creams and pinks.

they're back.

the wall climbing men are back on just 4 the home's shelves (i mean walls). we just got a new shipment of the hand crafted metal sculptures in today. last time we couldn't hold onto these guys, and because they're so hot, they keep getting back ordered. people like to buy one or a variety to place on their walls. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

sex. drugs. [and rock n roll]

"i have always had the urge to investigate people through the simplicity of the artifacts that make up their lives," said photographer henry leutwyler. 

upon my discovery of henry leutwyler, i was immediately drawn to his art... and perhaps a bit uncomfortably [might i add]. to see such detailed images belonging to such iconic figures, i wasn't sure if i was doing something illegal. but i guess that's what leutwyler does. he gets personal with the artifacts, whereby they seem almost lifelike. once belonging to figures merely recognized by these exact material objects.

gun of elvis presley.

perscription bottle of elvis presley.

glasses of elvis presley.

guitar of jimi hendrix.

ring of elizabeth taylor.

shoe of michael jackson.

glasses of john lennon.

glasses of ghandi.

guitars of deacon john & janis joplin.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

i've got a golden ticket.

i've got a golden ticket and now you can too. it's as if willa wonka's factory has come to life. and yes veruca salt, the snazberries DO taste like snazberries. with the creative direction led by savvy, an advertising, branding, industrial & interior, packaging, video, and web company based in mexico, cioccolato was turned into a candy store every kid [and adult] dreams of. bright and light with mouth watering delectables.

reimagining the brand.

the logo.

the interior space.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 orange rooms for 20 syracuse wins.

f*@k em up, f*@k em up
go SU
we're gonna kick the $h*t outta you
-syracuse university

in celebration of the men's syracuse basketball team's 20-0 current record, i decided to post 20 fabulous orange rooms. i can proudly say that i have seen syracuse win each of the 20 games this season. although i am hesitant to publish such a "cocky" blog post, i just can't help myself. the boys have been playing so tight. our team runs deep and there's no stopping us. we're going all the way.


pinned by mackenzie foreman.

pinned by sam schmiz.

elle decor.



apartment therapy.


duebi italia.




manolo home.

mansion at forsyth park.

martha stewart.

martha stewart.





Friday, January 13, 2012

snow. hey oh.

in between the cover of another perfect wonder
where it's so white as snow
-red hot chili peppers

on my way to work this morning i saw my first sign of snow. sure it was only a little flurry, but still. it was snow, nonetheless. wishing you a winter as cozy and warm as this chair.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

i used to sign my name.

i used to write
i used to write letters, i used to sign my name
-arcade fire

letters can personalize any wall or bookcase. vintage framed letter prints, three dimensional wooden block letters or boldly patterned cushioned letters can transform any wall. whether you want to spell out your name, initialize your wall, or create an ironic statement, the options are endless.


9 by design.

wall and deco.

ali express by


cindi carter.

hidden in france.

james merrell.

margo shanks.

new graffiti.


scrabble prints found on etsy.

wall and deco.