Friday, January 20, 2012

sex. drugs. [and rock n roll]

"i have always had the urge to investigate people through the simplicity of the artifacts that make up their lives," said photographer henry leutwyler. 

upon my discovery of henry leutwyler, i was immediately drawn to his art... and perhaps a bit uncomfortably [might i add]. to see such detailed images belonging to such iconic figures, i wasn't sure if i was doing something illegal. but i guess that's what leutwyler does. he gets personal with the artifacts, whereby they seem almost lifelike. once belonging to figures merely recognized by these exact material objects.

gun of elvis presley.

perscription bottle of elvis presley.

glasses of elvis presley.

guitar of jimi hendrix.

ring of elizabeth taylor.

shoe of michael jackson.

glasses of john lennon.

glasses of ghandi.

guitars of deacon john & janis joplin.

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