Tuesday, February 12, 2013

come and knock on our door.

as i recently mentioned, i'm designing a home in los angeles. we're going for a fusion of styles. classic meets contemporary meets rustic. lots of natural wood, black and white. it's going to be [for lack of a better word] sick. as you know, the entrance makes the first statement. and as every girl knows, you only make a first impression once. that's why we're installing a bold, new, black front door, bookmarked by lush green topiaries in black pots. here are some inspirations.






Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i recently got back from a business trip in los angeles. [more on that in another post] i flew virgin america for the first time. you might say i was a [wait for it] virgin. on this flight i was introduced to cdza, a group that creates music video experiments. sounds interesting, right? well, it is. check em out.