Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a certain shade of green.

a certain shade of green
tell me, is that what you need?

it's been a rough week cleaning up after irene, but i had to post this outrageous piece that stopped me in my tracks. my favorite color is green so this instantly attracted me. also loving the gold greek key around the edges. green and vintage with a modern twist = love it!

green dyed bird's eye maple asian influenced cabinet by mastercraft
american 1970s

Friday, August 26, 2011

everything is illuminated.

and the light is growing brighter now

"in light" of the anticipated hurricane, and the precautions that most east coasters are taking, i've decided to stay on topic. i don't know about you, but it's all everyone is talking about... my doorman, my LA friends, the taxi driver, my waitress at breakfast, even last night's bartender. this thing has got everyone concerned, so, as most new yorkers always do, they're proceeding with caution. people are stocking up, boarding up, and cleaning up before Irene arrives. in case the power goes out, you'll want some candles around. cue this designer's palette. here are some of my favorite candles, all available at just 4 the home. ;)

if you live in the area where the hurricane is supposed to hit, please be safe.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


faded so faded like a forgotten
-ben harper

when you think of pastel colors, you usually think of easter or spring time. however, a faded pastel is timeless. beautiful and fresh.

such pretty things.

as the summer season fades into fall, the brighter shades of summer will also fade. and with my favorite season upon us, i've been aggressively shopping so i can perfect that cozy yet chic wardrobe. i've been attracted to faded pastels to mix in with browns. faded pastels carry so much character. they're warm with a hint of chill. exactly how i like my weather. and here are some interiors that encompass the same vintage romantic feel.

happy mundane.

eva designs.

talk is chic.



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

just 4 the home. redux.

another summer day
has ome and gone away
in paris and rome
but i wanna go home
-michael buble

we're officially open. so come on home... to just 4 the home (12 wall street, huntington ny 11743). but we're still getting it together. additionally, i've been building and designing our website. take a look at how it's coming about, as well as some photos of our interior space.

website homepage.

about us page.

sleep page.

different spaces in the store.

Monday, August 22, 2011

music monday.

music monday is back. mainly because i found a new band i'd like to share with the world. introducing "the apache relay." they're a bit rock, a bit acoustic, a bit bluegrass a lot unique. i like to think of them as my new mumford & sons (sorry marcus). straight out of nashville, tennessee.

ironically the name "the apache relay" holds a special place in my camp heart, as this is the biggest activity held on the last day of colorwar. the entire camp participates in an afternoon long relay race throughout camp that ends in a massive bucket brigade. sorry for the side note.

anyway, this band seems like one i could hang with. new friends, if you will. i imagine us chilling outside with a cooler of beer, as they do impromptu acoustic performances. we laugh. we take a few funny photos. they just seem like cool dudes with a great sense of style (mixed with humor). check out their album cover and marketing pics. oh and have a listen at their song "lost kid." and if you like what you hear, go to their website and get a free download of the song.

album cover.

Friday, August 19, 2011

purple haze.

purple haze all in my brain
lately things just don't seem the same
-jimi hendrix

sidenote* howard stern wanted to name his new cat, hendrix. they decided to name her/him "chess", which is also a cute name but how adorable is "hendrix" for a name.

as i said yesterday, i've been very attracted to purple. all shades of purple. even my nails are sporting a very pale shade right now. purple is a very powerful and bright color so use with caution. even if a room is predominantly a neutral palette, one purple piece will trick the eye into thinking the room is purple. so i'll say it again. use with caution. if you do want to incorporate purple into a room, i'd recommend using it in your accessories-- art, throws, pillows, pottery, picture frames. however, if you're bold and not afraid to do the unthinkable (which i highly applaud) then go for the purple upholstery or the purple window treatments or, dare i say, the paint. and remember that there are many shades to purple so not all of them are threatening. purple is happy.

elle decor.


house beautiful.

arh decor.

b.e. interiors.

sofitel chicago.

canadian house and home.

ore studios.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

swedish interiors.

swedish interiors are usually classified as elegant and light. think white rooms with some natural wood pieces. think airy. think comfortable. think a bit french. think simple. think fresh laundry. ok now i'm getting a little too into the description.

designer. birgitta wolfgang drejer.

romolo stanco.


ny gift show.

i spent a few days at the ny gift show. all in all it was a successful few days. i saw some great new pieces and found a few new companies that will do really well in just 4 the home. one thing we're trying to expand is our art. we have some fantastic companies, but we've recently decided to carry some extraordinary pieces that you just get lost in. you know those pieces where price tags might take a back seat because you just have to have the piece. that's what i'm going for. for example, how beautiful is this music piece. my two favorite things in one: art and music.

this piece is actually 16 different pieces of sheet music fused together to embody the beautiful organized chaos of music. 

i also fell in love with these two chairs. fun, comfy, and bright.

as you can see, i'm very attracted to the purple palette these days. i love this area. and the art is fantastic.

and this artwork too. a bit aztec(ish).

who doesn't want to travel with these pieces. you'll never lose your luggage.

a few other items that stopped me in my tracks.