Thursday, August 18, 2011

ny gift show.

i spent a few days at the ny gift show. all in all it was a successful few days. i saw some great new pieces and found a few new companies that will do really well in just 4 the home. one thing we're trying to expand is our art. we have some fantastic companies, but we've recently decided to carry some extraordinary pieces that you just get lost in. you know those pieces where price tags might take a back seat because you just have to have the piece. that's what i'm going for. for example, how beautiful is this music piece. my two favorite things in one: art and music.

this piece is actually 16 different pieces of sheet music fused together to embody the beautiful organized chaos of music. 

i also fell in love with these two chairs. fun, comfy, and bright.

as you can see, i'm very attracted to the purple palette these days. i love this area. and the art is fantastic.

and this artwork too. a bit aztec(ish).

who doesn't want to travel with these pieces. you'll never lose your luggage.

a few other items that stopped me in my tracks. 

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