Monday, August 22, 2011

music monday.

music monday is back. mainly because i found a new band i'd like to share with the world. introducing "the apache relay." they're a bit rock, a bit acoustic, a bit bluegrass a lot unique. i like to think of them as my new mumford & sons (sorry marcus). straight out of nashville, tennessee.

ironically the name "the apache relay" holds a special place in my camp heart, as this is the biggest activity held on the last day of colorwar. the entire camp participates in an afternoon long relay race throughout camp that ends in a massive bucket brigade. sorry for the side note.

anyway, this band seems like one i could hang with. new friends, if you will. i imagine us chilling outside with a cooler of beer, as they do impromptu acoustic performances. we laugh. we take a few funny photos. they just seem like cool dudes with a great sense of style (mixed with humor). check out their album cover and marketing pics. oh and have a listen at their song "lost kid." and if you like what you hear, go to their website and get a free download of the song.

album cover.

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