Friday, August 19, 2011

purple haze.

purple haze all in my brain
lately things just don't seem the same
-jimi hendrix

sidenote* howard stern wanted to name his new cat, hendrix. they decided to name her/him "chess", which is also a cute name but how adorable is "hendrix" for a name.

as i said yesterday, i've been very attracted to purple. all shades of purple. even my nails are sporting a very pale shade right now. purple is a very powerful and bright color so use with caution. even if a room is predominantly a neutral palette, one purple piece will trick the eye into thinking the room is purple. so i'll say it again. use with caution. if you do want to incorporate purple into a room, i'd recommend using it in your accessories-- art, throws, pillows, pottery, picture frames. however, if you're bold and not afraid to do the unthinkable (which i highly applaud) then go for the purple upholstery or the purple window treatments or, dare i say, the paint. and remember that there are many shades to purple so not all of them are threatening. purple is happy.

elle decor.


house beautiful.

arh decor.

b.e. interiors.

sofitel chicago.

canadian house and home.

ore studios.

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  1. Hi - I love the purple paint color in the photo labeled "manolohome". Any idea what it is called and where I can find it? Thanks!