Wednesday, May 30, 2012

skin it to win it.

move over faux croc, there's another skin in town. shagreen has a rough and granular surface, mostly commonly used as a fancy covering on picture frames, boxes, photo albums, and other decorative accessories. made goods is one of my favorite mirror designers. they have the most outrageous pieces that function as both mirror and art. they've come out with a whole new line of shagreen items in great colors.

Friday, May 25, 2012

on the mark again, target.

cutie patootie nate berkus will launch an accessories line for target on october 21st. 150 home products ranging from six dollars to $150. from duvets and window panels to rugs, lamps, trays, pillows and bowls. i've seen a few of the designs and they're a great budget saving find. the pieces are chic and contemporary, bold patterns and textures. i sense this will be a great thing for both nate berkus and target. nice partnership, target. you've done it again, my friend.

another great concept that target launched is the shops at target. if you haven't already seen this, check it out. what a great solution for the small shops around the world. it encourages the local movement and that special feeling that communities get with their local bakery or makeup store. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

blow job.

it would be nice to have a blow job
from your mom
-blink 182

yeah i said it. but i'm not referring to what you're thinking. i'm talking about the comedic photographic series of artist and photographer tadao cern. by placing people against gale-force winds, he snapped these images. each one makes me laugh. i just don't think the pretties people can look attractive when receiving this blow job.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

funky abstract brotha

can't help bein' funky, i'm the funky abstract brotha
-a tribe called quest

a blank wall has no place in your home. so make sure you add some fun art to that naked space. lately, i've been placing colorful abstract artwork in a cleaner, monochromatic palette. and although many people like to say, "i could do that" when looking at abstract art, my response is always "but you don't." at the end of the day, art is probably the most subjective luxury. so make sure you LOVE it. you need to walk by that piece every single day and react as though it's the first time you are seeing it. sometimes art can be purchased on the fly and sometimes it can be shopped around. just make sure you're not walking away from the one you LOVE.


artist. howard scott.

artist. howard scott.

artist. howard scott.

artist. howard scott.

artist. howard scott.

artist. howard scott.

Friday, May 11, 2012

spotlight on greg natale.

greg natale is an australian designer with a bold style. his designs can be seen in all realms: residential, retail, and commercial. notice the minimalistic approach that he mixes with wild prints. it's become his signature that he makes sure never fails. his color palette in each room is limited, yet spot one. all in all, he achieves a high style with precise detail and execution.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

natural curiosities.

what is art? christopher wilcox, of natural curiosities, tries to answer this question every day. although he hasn't found a specific worded answer, he has 60,000 images, textiles, textures, grasses, plants, presses, and pigments for you to answer it yourself. his artwork is impactful and thought provoking. each piece is meticulously handmade to order. unfortunately, photos do not do justice to these pieces, but they will suffice.

"cooking the books"
these books are actually baked in the LA sunshine.

you can submit your thumbprint to natural curiosities and they will enlarge it like so.

"fallen feathers"
the feathers are dipped in gold and then dropped in the frame, to maintain natural movement and flow.

these roses are preserved to maintain it's soft petal appearance.

"the book collection: cambridge"
a library for your wall.

christopher felver abstracts.

Friday, May 4, 2012

incredibly edible mini madness.

holy mini meatballs! have you heard of the tel aviv based artist, shay aaron? he constructs these adorable miniature food sculptures that look incredibly edible. it's somewhat outrageous. his patience has to be commendable because the delicate detail is simply divine.