Thursday, July 28, 2011

put your drinks down.

drink tables are so easy. just a little something to place next to the sofa or the chair for some added design. it's small. it's useful. and it's art. here's a few in all shapes, colors, styles, and materials.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

artist to watch.

ev'ry time i see your face
it reminds of the places we used to go
but all i've got is a photograph
-ringo starr & george harrison

aaron pinkston is an amazing photographer, not to mention a good friend from my LA days. his photographs are absolutely captivating. they stare at you and just want you to stare back. so detailed. and so mesmerizing. truly an artist to look out for. aaron has photographed well known musicians and celebrities, as well as President Barack Obama. but my favorites are his average, every day folk. check out his website, but first take a look at a few of my favorite photographs.


Monday, July 25, 2011

mod monday.

perhaps its an homage to television's mad men. or maybe it's just a back to the future sort of thing. styles are cyclical. we all know that. one day you're wearing a certain style. the next day you can't believe you wore such a thing. and the day after that you're daughter is buying the same exact thing. it happens in fashion, music, hair, and interior design. cue the mod look. it's back. and i think the designers behind mad men should be credited -- set decorator amy wells and production designer dan bishop.

mad men set.

1952 armstrong floor.

home decorating 101.

livingroomsdesign. lori dennis.

ted boerner showroom

on a side note. happy birthday to the best sister. you're a gorgeous person inside and out, not to mention an interior designer i aspire to be like. i love you

*also want to note that she'll probably make mention of the fact that she's on a post about mod design, which she'll flare her nostrils at. love you :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

inspiration is black and white.

i'm not gonna spend my life being a color
-michael jackson

color is great. but sometimes black and white says it all. 







Thursday, July 21, 2011

luxury in the form of hermes.

these make me smile. but then again, who wouldn't smile at an hermes leather chair. there's something about their designs, as well as their signature color, that make their dollar sign seem, er, not as bad?

ivanka trump's framed hermes scarf.


my sister got this as a wedding gift. gorgeous!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hotels missoni.

it's been awhile since my last posting so i promise to make this a good one. it's on hotels missoni. i wish i could tell you that that's where i've been, but unfortunately no. i've been moving and designing and moving and designing and cleaning and moving and designing. we're still not open, but we've come a long way. i'll start to post photos of our vignettes. really exciting and new designs. we fabric'd the three walls that enclose the front desk with a fabulous mary mcdonald styled print. black and gray swirls on a sandy background. stay tuned for that.

to my amazement and perhaps a little envy, i discovered that missoni has designed hotels in two locations: edinburgh and kuwait (or what they refer to as the arabian gulf). sexy. they describe their edinburgh location as "boldly black and white with brilliant use of colour."

hotel missoni kuwait is described as "gold. mosaic, beige. turquoise. the colours of the sand and sea." even their description is sexy. they officially opened on march 1, 2011. designed by rosita missoni and the famous italian designer mattheo thun.