Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hotels missoni.

it's been awhile since my last posting so i promise to make this a good one. it's on hotels missoni. i wish i could tell you that that's where i've been, but unfortunately no. i've been moving and designing and moving and designing and cleaning and moving and designing. we're still not open, but we've come a long way. i'll start to post photos of our vignettes. really exciting and new designs. we fabric'd the three walls that enclose the front desk with a fabulous mary mcdonald styled print. black and gray swirls on a sandy background. stay tuned for that.

to my amazement and perhaps a little envy, i discovered that missoni has designed hotels in two locations: edinburgh and kuwait (or what they refer to as the arabian gulf). sexy. they describe their edinburgh location as "boldly black and white with brilliant use of colour."

hotel missoni kuwait is described as "gold. mosaic, beige. turquoise. the colours of the sand and sea." even their description is sexy. they officially opened on march 1, 2011. designed by rosita missoni and the famous italian designer mattheo thun.

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