Tuesday, May 8, 2012

natural curiosities.

what is art? christopher wilcox, of natural curiosities, tries to answer this question every day. although he hasn't found a specific worded answer, he has 60,000 images, textiles, textures, grasses, plants, presses, and pigments for you to answer it yourself. his artwork is impactful and thought provoking. each piece is meticulously handmade to order. unfortunately, photos do not do justice to these pieces, but they will suffice.

"cooking the books"
these books are actually baked in the LA sunshine.

you can submit your thumbprint to natural curiosities and they will enlarge it like so.

"fallen feathers"
the feathers are dipped in gold and then dropped in the frame, to maintain natural movement and flow.

these roses are preserved to maintain it's soft petal appearance.

"the book collection: cambridge"
a library for your wall.

christopher felver abstracts.

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