Friday, January 6, 2012

when in rome... or cabo.

i got my toes in the water
ass in the sand
not a worry in the world
a cold beer in my hand
life is good today
-zac brown band

i can't seem to shake my mexican adventure. perhaps when my tan fades, so will my desire for those cabo sunsets. but until then, i will continue to be inspired by the mexican culture. their interiors are bright and breezy. color, color, color. using elements from the blue and green sea to the orange and yellow sand. tiles, terracotta, porcelain, sculptures, rattan.

gian franco brignione.

gian franco brignione.


bar esquina, los cabos.

viva terra.

francis amiand.

marc hertrich et nicolas adnet.

esperanza private residence, los cabos.

las ventanas, los cabos.

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