Tuesday, February 21, 2012

where in the world...

has peri been? i've been asking myself this same question. unfortunately, i haven't been anywhere too exciting or exotic to report about. in fact, i must admit that i've been i've been cheating on my interior design world with my graphic design lover. it's true. while i'm not working on interior spaces, i've been spending hours upon hours in classes, spending late nights with adobe photoshop, in design, & illustrator. but enough about me, let's talk about maps. [nice transition] if you're a world traveler or just an admirer of cartography, maps are a nice way to decorate your walls. there are numerous ways you can frame, hang, or place a map. you can even make it into a triptych or cut it into more sections. you can make it colorful, or sepia tone.

elle decor.

erin gates, mrs. french.



southern enterprises.

ell decor.

suzanne kasler.



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