Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my window is a book.

my window is a book
and i'm a f&@$ing crook
-tyler the creator

ever since i was a kid i loved seeing window displays. my parents used to bring my sister and i into the city during holiday season so we could view the creative windows of barneys and saks and bergdorfs. the more imaginative, the better. i mean, it's the narration to a story. it's an invitation to the customers. my window is my book. so as we get deeper into the fall season, it's about time i take down my summer window display for just 4 the home and create one for the season of fall. i'm not quite sure what route i'm going to take. i can go for the wow factor in color or pattern or simplicity. but i definitely want to achieve the season of fall. with windows, and displays altogether, i like to be inspired. here's a little taste of that inspiration.

fantastic idea.

they use shape and color for a wow factor.

they use chopped wood circles as a "fallbackground.

very creative way to show end of summer sale.

furniture store in paris. how does somebody walk past this without stopping?
not quite fall, but still inspiring.
tia lombardi photo.

color and pattern pop. 
i also like the way "curtains" frame the window, as if we're looking beyond something.

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