Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fades like a photograph.

i'm going to an art showing at the bowery hotel this weekend, titled "an instance of vibration." i'm very excited as i've been researching many galleries lately. my sister and i are on the lookout for fabulous pieces, so please feel free to send me artists, galleries, links, etc. yellowkorner is one i stumbled upon that features some of the greatest photographers from all over the world. their concept is to publish many prints of the artwork so that collectors all over can access the pieces.

la fille au parapluie rouge.
matthieu casimiri.

morrison leaves the stage.
elliott landy.

monks in waterfalls.
dang ngo.

jens vom dorp.

another iv.
maroussia podkosova.

self portrait hotel-1.
kourtney roy.

teresa sa.

blue fantasy 1.
agnieszka maria zieba.

mykonos beach.
richard silver.

fiac 2004.
jean-paul espaignet.

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