Thursday, December 8, 2011

room obsession.

i am beyond obsessed with this room. high styled and funky. the color palette. the furniture selection. the tufting. the woodwork in the walls. the design in the drink table. the lines in the coffee table. the flower selection. the carefully chosen accents. i just want to sit in this room, read a book by the fire, and drink a nice full glass of wine (cab sauvignon please). and then i want to have a fabulous party to show it off.


  1. who's room is that? is it argentina? the woman looks like eva peron. thats a dream home mmmmmmyes pleasse

  2. I have this photo pinned to my inspiration board in my studio. The guy who owns the shop next to me has that same ship chandelier hanging in his window. I think I could weasel a good price for it, but I don't have the right spot to hang it. But, those colors in that room! YUMMY!