Friday, November 4, 2011


every now and again i hear a song that is so incredibly infectious that i become stalker-like obsessed. usually it's a song i hear on fuv radio station (90.7) or in a random store or on a party playlist. i would never have thought that i would find my latest obsession on the real world: san diego. yes, i still watch the real world. no, i don't still wish i could be on it. yes, that last statement was a lie.

i've always had an admiration for the real world, the tv show. i think the concept is genius. "let's put a group of young strangers together in a house and tape their lives. but to make matters more interesting, because this is a social 'experiment', let's make one gay, one homophobic, one a lesbian who relates more to males than females, one a victim of domestic abuse, one a frat guy who's more than meets the eye, one an aspiring entertainer"... and you know why they cast it this way.... well, because that's the real world. i've always enjoyed people and culture (i was an anthropology minor) and i think it dates back to my first viewing of the real world.

ok back to the matter at hand. this season takes place in san diego. we've been introduced to alexandra govere, an extremely talented musician. check out the song below-- beggar by alexandra govere and the hats.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! So glad you like the song. :)