Thursday, November 10, 2011

a coffee table book about coffee tables.

"it's a coffee table book about coffee tables.... and if you don't have a coffee table, it turns into a coffee table."

coffee table books are probably one of my favorite genre of books, if you can call it a genre. a powerful image on the cover and large photos, drawings and descriptions inside. for a visual person like myself, it's a perfect gift and the perfect accessory. find out what the person loves, be it fashion, film, an artist, a director, dogs, a certain city, sneakers, cooking with paula deen, interior design, etc. and don't forget about the boys because there's some great books on sports stadiums, athletes, cars, gin, iconic music venues, cigars, etc. possibilities are endless and you can get creative with your pickings. just 4 the home decided to add coffee table books to their featured gifts for the holiday season. check out some of the fabulous titles. and, no, they don't have kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables.

the next set of coffee table books are little bit more special because they're leather bound limited edition books that you can monogram. i mean, how nice of a gift is that! i don't know about you, but if i loved the wizard of oz and i got a limited edition, sparkled ruby red leather bound coffee table book with my initials or name engraved on the cover, i'd be a pretty happy girl. 

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