Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy turkey day [tomorrow].

you can get anything
that you want
at alice's restaurant
-arlo guthrie

my favorite holiday is upon us. tis the day for giving thanks. it usually begins tonight on thanksgiving eve and travels into tomorrow. it's the time when we give thanks, laugh with friends and family, drink a lot of sweet smelling wine, eat yummy food, and succumb to the decadent desserts that will make you swear to a strict diet on friday. but the most important questions still remains... what will your tablescape look like? you might be asking what a tablescape is. well, the term, made famous by food network's sandra lee, is the aesthetic layout of the banquet table, including the centerpiece, colors of linen, napkin folds, china & flatware, and any other elements that make up the design on and around the table.

layla grace.

casa sugar.

country living.

decorator tag sale.

house and garden.


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