Thursday, August 23, 2012


i wasn't completely wow'd by this year's nyigf. i saw a lot of the same thing. however, there were a few companies and/or displays that knocked my socks off.

i am a big fan of the show, 'shark tank.' i always put myself in the sharks' shoes. i try to imagine if i would commit to an idea or not. aside from the profitability, i look for its usefulness and its wit. sometimes it's that gimmick that will make you buy something. well, that was the case with this company. they created a line of napkins & placemats that you rip off of a paper towel roll. after one use, they can be washed or they can just be thrown out. there are a ton of colors to choose from.

i've seen a pad of disposable placemats before. heck, we sold them at just 4 the home. but it was this woman who saw the same pads we sell and decided to make it a bit more chic. she created more than 25 designs, some completely textual, some with a bit of humor. for example the pad with the boy on the cover has a girl page alternating with the boy. it's an easy replacement for a place card.

oly has a special place in my heart. no matter how absurd some of their designs are, they maintain a very classic feel. whenever i'm in their showroom, i never want to leave. it's classic meets chic meets some hoofs for legs. 

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