Monday, August 13, 2012

in the colors of the dusk.

dance with me in the colors of the dusk
-ben harper

one of my favorite lines to use as a designer is 'a pop of color'. well that is a huge understatement at the festival of colors. holi, better known as 'the festival of colours', is a religious spring festival celebrated mostly by hindus. so where do the colors come in? well, one of the earliest rituals attached to holi is throwing colored powder and water at each other. spring blossoming trees once supplied the colors, but modern day celebrations use dyed powders.  this festival has presented itself in mainstream pop culture; in linkin park's music video for 'the catalyst',  in "the amazing race', in regina spektor's song 'fidelity.' spanish fork, utah recently celebrated holi and thomas hawk documented some of the most beautiful images from there.

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