Thursday, August 9, 2012

i'm out on the border.

i'm out on the border, i'm walkin the line
don't you tell me 'bout your law and order'
i'm tryin to change this water to wine
-the eagles

sometimes you need to give your room a little face lift. usually that includes buying something new. but what if i told you that all you needed was a little ribbon and some sewing skills. now i've got your attention. an new [and easy] trend is the inset border. this little added detail goes a long way. whether it's on a pillow, on an ottoman, or on your window treatments, you can use a color and/or a pattern for added pop. greek keys work very well. my favorite store for trims is samuel & sons.

caitlyn wilson design.

elle decor.

royale surf.

massucco warner miller.


house beautiful.


melanie turner.

rue magazine.

shelter interior design.

ty larkins.
[kind of obsessed with this room]

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