Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in my mind i'm goin' to carolina.

in my mind i'm goin' to carolina

can't you see the sunshine

can't you just feel the moonshine

maybe just like a friend of mine

it hit me from behind

yes i'm goin' to carolina in my mind
-james taylor

last week was furniture market in high point, north carolina. we were on our feet all day, looking at the most fabulously designed showrooms (that serve some delicious alcoholic beverages). note to shoppers: the more you drink, the more you buy. here's what we saw, and a lot of what we bought. all these lines can be seen or purchased through just 4 the home.

the new furniture line (below) uses color magnificently. see their color palette below. one color really spoke to me.

i love the added pink chair.

the new line (below) is modeled after hotels around the world. very chic.

this showroom (below) felt like a nyc loft.

this showroom (below) was perfectly designed and decorated. very creative displays.

 this line is one of my favorites. very designer friendly.

 blurry people.

 well known deisgner, sloane bari.

 wrap up this room and ship it to my non-existant home in the hamptons.

some fun photos.


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