Tuesday, January 8, 2013

not old mcdonald's farm.

on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair... and so the song goes. but this adventure was on a dark desert dirt pathway in the middle of baja california sur, or more commonly known as los cabos. no lights. just stars. no traffic signs. just a few hand-painted planks of wood to guide us. the path took us down mountains and past dried up succulents. where are we going and are we sure this is the right way? but we continued until we finally stumbled upon the most beautiful mirage in the desert. strung lanterns and jazz music in the distance. we've arrived.

i have been going to los cabos for many years now. and each year we discover new and cool places that quickly become our annual "go to". cabo is adorned with gorgeously decorated restaurants, hotels and villas that embody the mexo-californian style. long white drapes, raw wood, splashes of turquoise and other caliente colors. 

flora farms stood out from the other beautiful places of cabo. situated in the middle of nowhere, i've never felt more surrounded. you enter the farm and it's as if everyone is in a state of bliss. a jazz musician plays as patrons drink freshly concocted beverages out of mason jars. the table is dressed with flowers picked right out of the garden that sits next to the table. the rest of the table-scaping is merely comprised of the colorful food that is served up fresh and tasty. i took bites out of things i would never normally eat. but the aroma and the sounds are so hypnotic that everything is a must try. let's just say that i ate a pizza with potato, rosemary and egg.

potato, rosemary, and egg pizza.

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