Monday, March 26, 2012


i've said it before and i'll say it again... color is hotter than ever. take your pick. red. orange. yellow. well, you know how roygbiv goes. be it bold or soft hues, people are wearing and living color [because as we know, fashion and interior design trends go hand in hand].  so if you're afraid to use such strong tones, which some people are, then just incorporate color in your less expensive accents. and in that case, you can always remove them down the road and stick with your neutral palette that is the foundation of the room. but have a little fun now.

dress [erdem margot]
room [mi casa]

dress [polyvore]
room [house of fifty]

dress [free people]
room [home re-design kaleidoscope]

dress [forgotten woods]
room [etsy]

dress [carlos miele]
room [southgate residential]

room [style estate]

dress []
room [l dogi group]

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