Friday, June 17, 2011

that looks good.

that looks good but what's on the inside
what's on the other side? what's on the flip side
-living legends

i've always wanted to be involved with the packaging of products. ever since i saw heineken beers produced in the shape of mini kegs, i thought "now that's something i can have fun with." to be able to sit around a table with a bunch of creatives and brainstorm kitchy & fun ways to market a product. here's a few from I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review.

coca cola for summer.
Design firm: Turner Duckworth: London & San Francisco
Creative directors: David Turner and Bruce Duckworth
Design director: Sarah Moffat
Designers: Rebecca Williams, Josh Michels
Account director: Jessica Rogers

home depot gift certificates.
Designers: Josh Nelson, Julia Warren
Project team: Howard Harmer, Greg Hahn

wine packaging. love the number of the bottle over the number of bottles made.
Designer: Susanne Pierce Maddux

kleenex for the summer.
Creative director: Christine Mau
Designer: Jen Brock
Illustrator: Hiroko Sanders
Client: Kleenex® Brand

simple packaging for a simple product. tear here.
Designer: Aaron Tang
Additional credits: John Chuang, CEO at litl; Abbott Miller and Jeremy Hoffman of Pentagram

Design: Lab 126 Industrial Design Team

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