Wednesday, May 4, 2011

rene magritte.

rene and georgette magritte
with their dog after the war
returned to their hotel suite
and they unlocked the door
-paul simon

many years ago, i studied painting, sculpture, and drawing at a fine arts school. i'd go to the school 3-5 times a week, and spend hours working on different pieces (with only a 10 minute break for cigarettes or to get some air in your turpentine filled lungs). there's nothing more freeing than putting on some music and immersing yourself in your art. it's just you and what you're creating, accompanied by your musician of choice. around this time, i discovered my own sense of style, as well as artists who i'd try and emulate. i always felt a sense of magnetism to rene magritte. i can't believe i've been blogging for however long and have yet to post about my favorite artist. there's something about surrealism that inspires and excites me all at once. i can stare at a magritte or dali piece for hours and get completely enveloped in it. surreal art is ironic yet sensical. quote me on that.

 paul simon supposedly wrote the song from this photo

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